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Affiliate program terms and conditions

1. The Regulations define the rules of participation in the Affiliate Program.
2. At the time of the Partner's accession to the Affiliate Program, it is concluded that an Order Agreement is concluded, according to the rules under the Regulations - the Partner starts recommending Products offered by the Affiliate Program organizer, while the Affiliate Program Organizer assesses the purchase documents for payment to the Partner in the Regulations, in in exchange for an effective recommendation ended with a purchase made, from the person to whom the Partner recommended the product.
3. Regulations of the Affiliate Program - detailed conditions under which tests are conducted with the Parties.

1. REGULATIONS: Whenever in a changed conversation about the Regulations, it should be understood as regulations.
2. PRODUCTS Whenever an employee is hired for Products, it should be understood as a contract of sale for sale by the Affiliate organization. Affiliate Program Products - products listed in the Appendix to these Regulations.
3. ORGANIZER OF THE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM: Sady Sandomierskie Spółka Akcyjna, 39-400 Tarnobrzeg, Aleja Warszawska 227a, premises BA10,,
4. PARTNER: A natural person or a legal person who has started and has been qualified to participate in the Affiliate Program, recommending Products, who, in return for an effective recommendation of Products completed with a purchase by the person to whom the Product was recommended, receives remuneration in accordance with the Regulations.
5. PARTNERSHIP OF THE PROGRAM (OR IT SYSTEM): IT system for calculating and paying commission for the Partner recommending Products. The Affiliate Program is available on the Internet at
The Affiliate Program is a tool for the Partner to mediate the sale of Products by recommending them, in exchange for remuneration, if the recommendation was made, i.e. the order ended with a purchase from the person to whom the Product was recommended.
In response to the horizontal, each of the partners can build an infinite address by recommending products. There is no maximum amount of money you can earn.
6. ONLINE STORE, an IT tool supporting the sale of Products, available on the Internet at
7. REGISTRATION FORM: a form that allows you to send data of Partners joining the Program.
8. PARTNER'S ADMINISTRATIVE PANEL: the sacred IT part of the Affiliate Program, to which the Partner has individual access, after correctly registering to the Program. The Partner Administration Panel contains information on:
a) The horizontal structure built by the Partner and people, and the Partner recommended the Products directly,
b) Purchases made by persons to whom the Products were recommended,
c) Commissions calculated for the Partner,
d) Commissions paid to the Partner,
e) Sales statistics,
f) A panel enabling the creation of websites, submitting inquiries to the organizer of the Affiliate program, managing the promoted ones.
9. PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION, sending by the Partner a unique Affiliate Link using electronic tools (eg e-mail, instant messaging) or publication in the form of a Affiliate Link in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).
10. PARTNER LINK: a unique link generated by the IT System - Affiliate Program in the Administration Panel. Affiliate Link is a unique link with a code assigned directly to a registered Affiliate and is used by a registered Affiliate to recommend products offered in the Affiliate Program and used to calculate and pay commissions for recommending Products.
After clicking on the Affiliate Link by the person to whom the Partner recommended the product, that person is transferred to the website of the Affiliate Program Organizer, then identified by the Affiliate Program (through the device used by that person) as the Partner's client. The computer or smartphone of this person will be identified by the IT system, and the person using the computer or smartphone will be identified as the Partner's customer. The Organizer of the Affiliate Program reserves that - unless the person whose partner recommended the Product did not register at the time of clicking the link, even in the form of a fast track - then in the case of changing the device by that person or using devices other than the one for whom was used at the time of clicking on the Affiliate Link, it is not possible to assign this person as recommended by the Partner. In the event that two Partners unknown product commands using the affiliate link of the same person, the system will count the order once to the Partner whose link was clicked